Ottawa Cigar Emporium is proud to offer there customers only the best brand names of cigar accessories.


Siglo AccessoriesExclusive to Ottawa Cigar Emporium. Siglo accessories are a combination of modern design, quality and affordability. We offer a range of Siglo men's accessories & cigar trimmings, from cigar humidors, ashtrays, cigar cutters, cigar cases, lighters and much more.

Dunhill Case Dunhill Case Dunhill Case
Dunhill Lighter Dunhill Cutter Dunhill Lighter
Dunhill Lighter Dunhill Cutter Dunhill Cutter

LamborghiniLamborghini has long been known for their cutting edge style and sophistication when it comes to the famous automobile line. They have now taken those same qualities and exacting standards and have imparted them to their new line of cigar humidors, cigar cutters, cigar cases, lighters and ashtrays.

Dunhill Case Dunhill Case Dunhill Case Dunhill Case
Dunhill Case Dunhill Case Dunhill Case

Siglo AccessoriesVector KGM symbolizes renowned reputation for quality and craftsmanship. It is a leading manufacturer of high quality cigar, pipe, cigarette and torch lighters, and other smoking accessories. All Vector lighters come with the famous Vector No Proof Warranty.

Dunhill Lighter Dunhill Cutter Dunhill Case
Dunhill Lighter Dunhill Cutter Dunhill Case
Dunhill Lighter Dunhill Cutter Dunhill Cutter

DunhillExclusive to Ottawa Cigar Emporium. Sought after the world over, dunhill lighters combine true innovation and craftsmanship with sophisticated design. The dunhill Unique was first introduced in 1924, and was the world's first luxury lighter that could be held and operated in one hand. In 1956, the dunhill Rollagas was launched. Now considered a design classic, it is thought to be the world's first luxury butane gas lighter. Both the Unique and Rollagas remain the luxury lighters of choice.

Dunhill Lighter Dunhill Cutter Dunhill Case


Exclusive to Ottawa Cigar Emporium. Nothing but the best ...This slogan, this product quality philosophy is firmly associated with one name: Davidoff, Davidoff ; synonym of the kind of graceful lifestyle, intelligent luxury ... and refinement embraced by today's modern mentality. To connoisseurs, Davidoff has always been a byword for refined culture, and it is so now more than ever. For Davidoff means incomparable quality and passionate enjoyment.

Davidoff Lighter
Davidoff Cutter Davidoff Ashtray


Porsche DesignExclusive to Ottawa Cigar Emporium. Porsche Design is one of the leading luxury brands in the high-quality cigar accessories. The products stand for functional, timeless and purist design and represent impressive technical innovations. Porsche Design is only available Exclusive to Ottawa Cigar Emporium, Ottawa’s upmarket cigar specialist.

Porsche Design Lighter
Porsche Design Case Porsche Design Case


St. Dumpont

The "ping" might be what makes S. T. Dupont lighters distinctive, but it is not what makes them special, what gives them their charm. The lighters are a case of the whole being greater than the sum; each aspects of the lighter, the weight, the "ping," the high quality of materials, the care and precision that goes into the assembly, are all special in their own right. But, when put together these individual parts create a lighter unlike any other.

St Dupont
St Dupont
St Dupont
St Dupont St dupont



Designed to combine style, function and dependability backed by a lifetime commitment, XIKAR lighters are truly a necessity for today's aficionado. At home in the boardroom or the cigar lounge, XIKAR's line of elegant and affordable lighters and cutters are reinvented for the modern cigar aficionado.

Xikar Cutter Xikar Lighter Xikar Lighter





With over 50 humidors in stock of all colors, finishes and sizes, and new stock arriving all the time, OTTAWA CIGAR EMPORIUM defiantly has the right humidor for your cigar storing needs. Humidor accessories such as humidifiers, hygrometers and solutions are also in stock.

Humidor Humidor Humidor

Hygrometer Hygrometer Hygrometer